How We Connect – Culture Development in School Communities

Research and Strategic Development

Building authentic partnerships in education through communication, engagement and culture change.

School communities are beautifully unique. Our work uses a tailored exploration and investigation into the challenges and potential of each school. With a focus on improved school culture, communication and parent engagement; we develop strategies for strong connections that enhance learning and support students to achieve their best.

Connect, Engage, Inspire

For primary and secondary schools

Building authentic partnerships in education through communication, engagement and cultural change. This program explores four specific areas for improvement in the development of parent engagement with the aim of creating genuine family-school partnerships for the enhancement of learning and opportunities for children.

PEAT – Parent Engagement Action Team Mentor Program

For primary and secondary schools

Mentor program to develop strategies for parent engagement in learning

To enable you to build authentic relationships and to effectively engage with parents in your learning community, Practically Learning has designed a Parent Engagement Action Team Mentor Program. Our unique Mentor Program has been developed drawing on research to provide school leaders, teachers and parents the opportunity to develop a partnership approach to developing parent engagement through a facilitated mentor program providing a collaborative, structured, strategic and sustainable process and tools that you can continue to use with your team.

Communications and School Brand Development

Early learning through to secondary schools

Effectively communicate and demonstrate your school vision and culture with your community

Practically Learning has over 25 years experience in design and marketing for a broad range of industries including education. Our brand development workshops and marketing planning and implementation provides schools with contemporary and unique approaches to build parent advocacy for their school and increase enrolments. We provide research tools to understand your market to determine creative strategies and design to communicate the strengths of your school with current and potential families.